I am…

Years ago when one of my daughters was in therapy, we were introduced to the “I Am” poem. It follows specific guidelines, with the first two words of each line given to you to complete in a specific way. It’s kind of fun to randomly do new ones over time and see how they change. I definitely see the value in therapy, as you can tell much about the state of mind when reading what someone chooses to finish each line with. Here are three that I wrote, reflecting different states of mind over time.

This one I wrote shortly after the horrific death of George Floyd, which brought forth much anger and more violence in the world, and exposed a startling lack of empathy among many people.

I am empathy and chaos.
I wonder why love is so hard for some people.
I hear a cacophony of competing voices, both inside and outside.
I see acts of kindness dwarfed by anger and violence.
I want a more empathetic world.
I am empathy and chaos.

I pretend all is well when it is not.
I feel overwhelmed.
I touch the core of who I am and then lose sight of it all over again.
I worry about those I love. Sometimes too much.
I cry when I’m hurt, misunderstood, angry and even joyful.
I am empathy and chaos.

I understand that I’m here on purpose, and for a purpose.
I say I love you, but not nearly often enough.
I dream of a family serving Jesus together.
I try to be all things to all people, and sometimes forget to offer empathy to myself.
I hope I leave a legacy behind that actually matters.
I am empathy and chaos.

This one doesn’t require much explaining. It was a very dark period.

I am broken and hurt.
I wonder if this is all my fault.
I hear the silence.
I see the anger.
I want peace, within and without.
I am broken and hurt.

I pretend that everything is ok.
I feel nothing ever will be.
I touch lives, but somehow not yours.
I worry endlessly.
I cry more often than you’ll ever know.
I am broken and hurt.

I understand your past led to who you are.
I say that I’m strong enough to help you through.
I dream of what things could have been like.
I try so hard, but fail so often.
I hope one day you find healing, but now
I am the broken and hurt one.

And finally, one that speaks to the hope of knowing I’m a daughter of the King.

I am chosen and pursued.
I wonder what my future holds.
I hear music that touches my soul.
I see the beauty of creation all around me.
I want to reflect my Father, because
I am chosen and pursued.

I pretend I’m being cradled by the Father when I’m in the ocean.
I feel small, yet important.
I touch heaven when I bow my heart in prayer.
I worry about those that have strayed, and
I cry because I know the pain of the prodigal and the father.
I am chosen and pursued.

I understand that God’s timing is usually different than mine.
I say I have faith, but sometimes it’s weak.
I dream of touching lives through my words.
I try to understand what makes people tick.
I hope you know the Father would run to you too, because you are just as
I am – chosen and pursued.

Try your hand at your own. May it help you as much as it’s helped me!

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