I read something one day about writing our own psalms by taking the format of many of the Psalms (eyes on the problem and self and then moving the focus to God and ending in praise), and decided to try it out. The word “why” screams within my soul, battling the truth of Your Word.... Continue Reading →

When Life Causes You to Spin

As a child it was so fun to spin until I was dizzy and then attempt to walk without falling down. At 40, getting dizzy is easier than ever and nowhere near as fun as I remember! Knowing how difficult walking, or even staying upright is when you’re dizzy, I’m always amazed when I see... Continue Reading →


  Broken. Merriam Webster defines it as “violently separated into parts” or “damaged or altered”. Have you ever felt this way? As if your very heart were violently wrenched from your chest and torn into pieces? It’s so raw and physical you can’t believe that anyone could look at you and not see it. It... Continue Reading →

The Insidious Sin of Pride

Have you ever made the statement to yourself “I would never do (insert whatever particular thing we are offended by someone else doing)”? Have you then found yourself doing it? Pride tells us that we are too good to fall victim to certain sins that others around us may have (usually in a public manner).... Continue Reading →

I’m Nobody

I was driving home from Bible study last night, arguing with God in my head about how insufficient I feel for some of the things He’s laid on my heart to do when I was reminded of a situation that occurred a few years ago. As a former student in the gifted program in school... Continue Reading →

Serenaded by the Savior

I heard a song recently that really spoke to me in a way I’m sure the song was never intended. Although country music in and of itself speaks to a multitude of different situations you find yourself in, listening to this song I heard the wooing of my Heavenly Father. There'll be days your heart... Continue Reading →

The Broken Girl

The tears spill from her eyes and slide down her cheek. She tries so hard to pray but can't find the words to speak. She's trusting in You, but doesn't see how you'll make a way, And if she could hear you, here's what I think you would say. I made you to fulfill a... Continue Reading →

The Word

In following many different bloggers, and just reading Christian writings across the internet in general, I was introduced to “the word”. One word that a person would focus on throughout the year, and allow God to speak to them through. Words like compassion, trust, grace, less, follow, etc. The word served as an inspiration and... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter to my Father

I look at the amazing masterpiece that you have created and marvel at how you brought so much beauty out of the wreckage of my life. There were times I absolutely could not see your hand in my life no matter how hard I looked. I felt abandoned, rejected, alone... But I never was. You were... Continue Reading →

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